Mensa’s English name is “Mensa”, which means “round table” in Latin. Mensa from the round table means that people with similar IQ can sit together equally. Mensa is the name of the world’s top IQ club. It was founded in Oxford in 1946. Its founders are lawyer Roland berriel and scientist and lawyer lance wellin. At that time, the two people who thought they were unusually smart had a whim and compiled some difficult questions to test their IQ, which was widely sought after. Excited, beryl and wellin simply set up a club to call on people with high IQ to join. They intend to establish a community for smart people, through challenging community activities, so that the high IQ of participants can be recognized, affirmed and continuously improved, and share each other’s success. Mensa has adhered to the principles of neutrality, non politics and non-profit for many years, which has not changed so far. Mensa international headquarters and clubs also organize some charging activities and some publishing activities, but all the income is used for the expansion and improvement of the club. All participants are not personally profitable.

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