American scientists also want to know this, so they set up a research and investigation team, led by three top American education scientists, to track the growth path of smart children since 1971, especially those who are top 1%, 0.1% or even 0.01% in mathematical logic.
The survey took more than 40 years to observe more than 5000 children called geniuses, from which scientists came to a conclusion.
Smart genius also needs to be cultivated day after tomorrow
No matter how smart a genius is, it also needs the help of parents or teachers to fully tap its potential. Parents can understand that a child is a genius, which is determined by genes, but whether he can really achieve something depends on the cultivation of the day after tomorrow.
This also corresponds to Edison’s saying: Genius is 2% inspiration and 98% perspiration.
Are parents surprised by this conclusion? I think this conclusion is very meaningful. It clearly solves the doubts of parents. Why are their children not geniuses? There are two reasons: 1. The child has no talent; 2. You don’t guide well.
No matter how smart a child is, he needs to be cultivated the day after tomorrow. If his parents neglect to cultivate the day after tomorrow, no matter how talented the child is, he will eventually become indifferent to everyone, that is, like an ordinary person.
How can we judge whether our children have talent?
An American psychologist once said: almost every child has some potential. This potential has been hidden in the child’s body, just like a spark. It’s just that parents don’t find the right way to open it.
How to develop children’s talents?
First of all, parents should understand one thing. Children’s talents are divided into many kinds. Next, I will give parents the development methods of various talents.
Music talent development: if you want to develop your baby’s music talent, the best way is to create a music filled environment for your child, so that your baby can hear beautiful music anytime and anywhere at home, or take your child out to feel nature and listen to crickets, water and nature.
Language talent development: language talent is actually the best training. As long as parents often interact with their baby, the baby will speak early and speak smoothly.
Development of painting talent: according to my understanding, most children are born with painting talent, but they are ruthlessly denied by their parents. My little brother’s children are an example. My little brother’s children usually like painting, but the position of painting is very strange, so they like painting on the wall. Later, my brother’s daughter-in-law really couldn’t stand it and cleaned up the children, Since then, the child has never drawn again. If you want to cultivate a child’s painting talent, follow the child and let him draw freely. You can also buy a drawing board for the child.
Mathematical talent development: the baby’s mathematical talent development right depends on what his mother does. When he is young, I like to play Sudoku with the child, because this game is simple and can exercise the baby’s logical thinking ability. The most important thing is that the cost is relatively low. Only a few books can play the role of developing the baby’s mathematical talent.
How should gifted children be trained?

  1. Fully tap children’s talents
    If your child is particularly gifted, as a parent, you should learn how to tap the child’s talent, carefully observe and wait patiently, find the child’s talent, and guide the child through what he is interested in, so as to “maximize” the child’s talent.
  2. Don’t put too much pressure on children
    A gifted child is worthy of respect. We should respect the child’s choice, not impose something beyond his talent, so as to make your child’s talent more prominent.
  3. Help children choose a good school
    A good school is not only a good start, but also a stage for talents to show themselves. If you want your children to change from gifted to little talents, you need to let them integrate into a big stage and hone in it. A good school is obviously the best choice.
  4. Teach children to control their emotions
    Children who have been gifted since childhood will inevitably have their own small temper, arrogance and self righteousness. That is a disaster that most gifted people can’t escape. No one wants to be friends with a smart person if he is arrogant. A true genius is not arrogant in victory or discouraged in defeat.

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