70%-80% of IQ comes from heredity, and the remaining 20% – 30% depends on nurture. Therefore, parents with high IQ are likely to give birth to children with high IQ, and children are in the golden period of intellectual development before the age of 6.
Children with high IQ have traces to follow before the age of 5. They can judge their IQ level through some behavioral characteristics to see whether they are high IQ children. If their children show high IQ behaviors, parents should pay attention to protecting them from interfering with their children, and consciously guide them.
1、 I thought it was a “problem baby”, but I didn’t expect to become a high IQ baby
2、 Children with high IQ have these five characteristics before the age of 5
American psychology professor Ellen Weiner mentioned in the book “gifted children – A Guide to the scientific cultivation of children” that children with high IQ will show some clues before the age of 5, which is mainly reflected in the following five aspects.

  1. concentration
    The study found that the IQ status of the baby at the age of 4-7 months is in direct proportion to the IQ tested at the age of 7. We thought that the child had little attention in infancy, but in fact, the child would observe the things around him when he was still an infant. If he was interested, he would keep paying attention for a long time.
    The maintenance time of children’s attention is in direct proportion to their age. The older they are, the longer they will maintain their attention. The time for children to maintain their attention within 3 years old is within 10 minutes. At the age of 10, the maintenance time can reach half an hour. At the age of 12, the maintenance time will exceed half an hour.
    Therefore, when a child is young, the longer his attention is kept, the more focused he is on one thing, even playing with toys, the higher his IQ is.
  2. energetic
    Generally speaking, the sleep time of a baby is eight hours or more, while the sleep time of children with high IQ is shorter, and they will also maintain a full mental state, explore the world everywhere, and turn around. The sensitivity of the body is reflected in the activity of the brain. Therefore, children with high energy have higher IQ.
  3. there are always many “why”
    We will find that there are a lot of babies around us, who always have endless questions. They talk about “why” all day long. Their parents are very distressed about this. Because of their high IQ, these children are full of curiosity about everything around them and have a strong desire for knowledge and exploration.
  4. excellent language skills
    Children’s language expression is a step-by-step process. Generally, when children are about 1 year old, they will say some overlapping words such as father and mother. This is the initial form of children’s language germination, and gradually transition to saying some words and short sentences. If your baby shows talent in language, it may be a high IQ baby.
  5. development of body movements
    The development of a child’s body movements can be divided into large movements and fine movements. The body movements are completed under the control of the brain. The sensitive body movements indicate that the brain is active and intelligent. If your child grows faster than other peers in crawling, walking, etc., he may be a child with high IQ.

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