Nowadays, many parents attach great importance to their children’s early education, especially the development of special brain. Many people say that children’s IQ is innate, but in fact, heredity accounts for only a small part, and the most important thing is acquired training.
An authoritative survey abroad shows that Einstein, Marie Curie, Leonardo da Vinci and so on all have one thing in common,
The right hemisphere of the brain is very developed, and its information memory and storage capacity is more than 100000 times that of the left hemisphere. Therefore, for parents, developing their children’s right hemisphere brain is very important for future development.
Importance of right brain development
Parents hope their children will succeed in the future. Brain science research has found that many smart children have active right brain and are good at thinking. We can see from the current education model that when children go to primary school, they will be exposed to logical thinking, language and writing, which are dominated by the right brain.
The age of 3-6 is the golden period for the development of children’s right brain. If cultivated at this stage, children’s creativity, imagination and memory will be improved.
However, many parents do not know how to train their children, leading to missing the golden age, or taking the wrong methods, leading to children learning to be interested in it. If you want your children to be smart, you may want to try these four methods.
Parents skillfully use these four methods to develop the right brain

  1. Encourage children to use their left hand
    The study found that we often use the left half of the body, which can better stimulate the right brain, and the right brain will control our left half of the body,
    Therefore, parents may wish to encourage their children to use their left hand more and do targeted training. They can let their children play with toys, open the door with their left hand, eat with their left hand, etc,
    Create better opportunities for your child to use his or her right brain.
  2. Let children take more physical exercise
    In daily life, we can also do more physical exercise with our children. This will not only make our children healthier, but also enhance their physical coordination,
    The most important thing is to stimulate the development of the right brain. In the process of exercise, the child’s right brain will be activated by the nerves in the brain. Parents can also play badminton, table tennis and football with their children, which is very helpful to them.
  3. Encourage children to draw
    Painting is difficult for children, but it is of great help to them. Children can improve their imagination and creativity in the process of painting,
    Children will think about everything in the form of pictures. Although sometimes we can’t understand it, it must express some meaning,
    Therefore, we should encourage children to draw and use tools to meet the needs of children’s brain.
  4. Train children to play interesting pairing games
    Parents can also play parent-child games with their children at ordinary times. In particular, pairing games can develop children’s right brain,
    If your child is between the ages of 3 and 6, we can guide things in life to match,
    Because playing difficult matching questions may be counterproductive, but if the difficulty is moderate, it will promote the development of the right brain and make the child’s thinking develop better.
    Psychologists believe that “specific spatial games are closely related to children’s spatial reasoning ability.”
    The right brain is also responsible for spatial recognition. Parents can play more space games with their children,
    Such as building blocks, jigsaw puzzles, chess, etc., so that children can find order in disordered blocks and exercise children’s spatial reasoning ability.
    At the same time, the improvement of IQ and EQ can promote children’s intellectual development to meet the needs of parents and improve children’s IQ. It is very important to systematically develop the child’s brain. Play more games to develop the left and right brain, exercise the child’s brain thinking and stimulate the child’s brain potential.
    Improve children’s “artistic thinking” by looking for small games such as shoes, positions, building blocks and parts, make children’s thinking different, and stimulate children’s imagination, attention and observation.

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