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In the eyes of many parents, children with high IQ are children who learn well. If so, it is really too one-sided. Because children’s IQ is high, it is not only reflected in learning, but also in behavior habits. Therefore, when children have bad habits, we always think that children are naughty, but in fact, children are very smart.
Einstein is the smartest person in the world. It is said that his IQ score has reached 160. He belongs to a person with extraordinary brain. But what we don’t know is that Einstein was very stupid when he was a child, such as late speaking, poor memory, etc. However, such strange people are more promising. Therefore, when children have bad problems, parents should not immediately correct them, See if your child is a “supernormal child”? If so, parents should cultivate them well.
Education experts: “extraordinary children” mostly have these four characteristics

  1. Children love to do things
    We often make complaints about husky as a master of home demolition, but compared to children, the ability of dogs is far from enough.
    According to the research, children with extraordinary mental ability have strong practical ability. If children always disassemble things at home, parents should not worry about stopping them first, and see if they can assemble them back after they are disassembled, because in this process, children’s practical ability and brain can be exercised. We only need to ensure the safety of children.
    In this process, parents should not think that their children are making trouble, let alone criticize their children. If they want to prevent their children from tearing down their homes, we might as well buy their children a toy to exercise their practical ability, such as building blocks, transformers, jigsaw puzzles, etc., which can better promote their children’s brain development.
  2. Children like to talk back
    I have investigated more than 1000 families and asked them what kind of behavior they dislike most in the process of educating their children?
    Among them, 80% of the parents choose to talk back, because when the child starts to talk back to you, he can really blow you up every minute. Every time you say one word to him, he has ten words waiting for you! Sometimes I really want to educate children. After all, in Chinese traditional education, children’s back talk will make parents think it is a challenge to authority.
    However, what is unexpected is that children like to talk back, which shows that they are more independent and logical. Therefore, parents should not kill a little genius.
    According to the research of American universities, children who love to talk back have their own opinions, because they think they have done nothing wrong in their own thoughts. Children with such a character will be more promising in the future, because they have their own ideas in doing things and will not drift with the tide. Sometimes they may not win because of their strange way of thinking.
  3. Children love to be in a daze
    Recently, many parents told me that their children are often distracted. They often stare at a thing and don’t think about it for a long time. Sometimes, parents think that their children are not smart enough and may come forward to interrupt their children, but you’re wrong to do so, because their children are in a daze and are in a state of high concentration. You go quietly to interrupt their children, It’s likely to scare them.
    Moreover, children love to be in a daze, not that their brains are not smart. On the contrary, this is a manifestation of intelligence, because when children are in a daze, their brains are running at high speed. For example, biologist Darwin will maintain this state when observing insects, because only in this way can they enter their own world.
    Children always stare at something, which means that it can attract their children’s interest. Therefore, parents should learn to protect their children’s attention. You know that children will be out of date. Go ahead and ask. If children are really interested in something, you must ask and protect it correctly. In the long run, you will find that children’s efforts will be better and better day by day.
  4. Children have a strong memory
    How do parents judge whether their children have high IQ? In addition to the IQ test, we just look at whether their memory is strong or not, because some children can’t show anything in class, but they have strong classification ability and memory at home. If your children are the same, let’s have fun!
    Children’s high IQ is developed by many factors, which can not be determined by congenital factors. It needs more parents’ training the day after tomorrow. Edison once said: the so-called genius depends on 1% inspiration and 99% sweat. Therefore, parents should give children correct and scientific training to make children smarter as soon as possible.

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