Building blocks are early childhood educational toys that mothers love to start with.
But babies of different ages need different building blocks. As the baby grows up, the result of buying is piling up. What’s more, the blocks in the East and the west make many mothers very distressed.
So many Baoma picked up the magnetic stick!
Magnetic rod, also known as magnetic rod. It is cheap, easy to use, flexible and changeable. It can be said to be a magnetic building block with a high degree of freedom, which can allow the baby’s imagination to create a variety of combinations.
High appearance, dozens of shapes to stimulate the baby’s imagination
The magnetic stick has very high color value and bright and soft colors. It can not only let children know the colors, but also improve their interest and sensitivity to colors and increase the fun of the game.
A box of building blocks can create dozens of shapes (compared with traditional building blocks, you can buy four or five boxes of building blocks less).
The design of magnetic rod toys with arbitrary connection can exercise children’s free play and imagination, strengthen children’s diffusive thinking ability in the process of playing, and enable children to learn self independent thinking ability.
Magnetic rods of different shapes and lengths can help children understand the concept of shape from the game, strengthen their ability to think seriously and initiate simple mathematics.
In the process of building, children can also increase the concept of quantity, balance, color matching, sequencing and other theories, so as to lay a foundation for later systematic learning.
Have magnetic force, exercise hand eye coordination, and promote the development of the child’s right brain
Strengthen the child’s physical ability. When children play with magnetic stick toys, they can disassemble and assemble them, which helps children’s hand eye coordination and observation ability.
Promote the development of the child’s right brain. Magnetic stick toys can be connected arbitrarily, which can stimulate the development of the child’s left brain and the artistic creation intelligence of the child’s right brain.
Super magnetic force, no dumping, baby’s peace of mind
Children’s nature is to play. Playing games is not only a matter for children, but also needs the participation of parents, especially parents.
Efficient companionship is to make children feel love all the time through language, expression, action and eyes! The love between parents and children is to put down the mobile phone, eat many meals together, say a lot of “nonsense”, and play many games together… Parents and children play together, which is the childhood that children need most!
Magnetic stick is a toy loved by both adults and children. It can not only help children enlighten their wisdom, but also help parents find childlike innocence and fun in parent-child play!
Parents can tell their children more knowledge, for example, let them feel the magnetic science principle of “different poles attract each other and the same poles repel each other” through building blocks.
Different toys have completely different effects on children. After testing, it is found that after playing with the magnetic stick for a period of time, children’s thinking development, creativity and social skills have been significantly improved! It is a rare toy!

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