A research team said that if a child has these five bad habits, it is actually a performance of high IQ. Parents can enjoy it secretly when they see it.
1: don’t like sharing
Some children are reluctant to share their toys when they are two or three years old, and parents are very worried when they see this situation, because if children don’t know how to share, they are likely to suffer losses in future interpersonal exchanges. However, in this case, the research team said that in fact, this is the opposite.
Because children at this age already know the ownership of property rights, what is their own can not be casually let others, which can be said to be the development stage of self-centered consciousness. Therefore, at this time, parents should not force their children to share their own things with others, should respect their children, and should not classify their children’s behavior as selfish.
Second: I like eating hands
Some parents are very worried about their children’s hand eating behavior, because they think that their children are easy to be taken advantage of by bacteria or viruses, so they will always correct their children’s behavior. However, some researchers say that children’s behavior actually has another benefit, because it is the embodiment of children’s self appeasement.
In other words, if children often eat hands, they can not only complete the sensory stimulation, but also increase the coordination ability of limbs and eyes in this process. At the same time, their mental power can be stimulated and improved.
No. 3: I like tearing paper
I’m afraid this kind of children is the object of concern to many parents, because this kind of children will take advantage of their parents’ inattention to take off the paper towels and tear them all over the floor. Therefore, at this time, parents should clean up for their children’s mischief. No matter how good tempered parents are, they will be angry because of their children’s behavior. However, the researchers said not to worry.
If children love to tear paper, it means that children’s fingers are very flexible. We should know that our fingers are connected with nerves, and the flexible control of the brain can enable children to complete these “complex” actions. It can be said that if a child has a “bad problem” of tearing paper, it means that his brain is more mature than that of babies of the same age.
No. 4: I don’t like taking a nap
Taking a nap is one of the “itineraries” of many babies, because the baby’s growth basically goes through sleep, so we can see the importance of sleep to the baby. However, some babies are unwilling to sleep. Even when it’s nap time, such a baby will be very lively and give many parents a headache.
In fact, such a baby may not be so bad. If you don’t take a nap, you can still maintain a good spirit, indicating that the baby’s adaptability is strong. Even if you change the environment, you can still show a very casual attitude. Such a child’s learning ability will be better.
5:: like to ask why
Children with such problems may also be a headache for many parents. Because such children often ask their parents why, so that many parents are not tired of it, but parents should cherish their children’s so many problems, because it represents their children’s curiosity about the world and their desire for knowledge.
Once they find that their children are problem children, parents should not only dislike them, but also guide and educate them with a more correct attitude, which will help their children grow up.
If the child shows a very clever side in nature, parents must seize the opportunity to guide and educate, because in this way, the child can lead his peers

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