Several characteristics of gifted children the characteristics of gifted babies

  1. Precocious intelligence. Gifted children develop their intelligence early. Their mastery of a certain field starts earlier than the average age, and their progress in this field is faster than that of ordinary children, because it is easier for them to learn knowledge in this field. The fields here refer to the fields of systematic knowledge, such as language, mathematics, music, art, chess, bridge, ballet, gymnastics, tennis or skating.
  2. Stick to your own way. Gifted children not only learn faster than ordinary children, even smart children, but also have qualitative differences in learning styles. They have strong independence, which is reflected in that they rarely need the help and support of adults when mastering their own field of knowledge, and spend a lot of time on self-study. They are excited and encouraged by their discoveries in this field, and each discovery leads gifted children to explore further. These children often independently create rules in their field and can come up with novel and unique solutions to problems.
  3. Strong desire to master. Gifted children have an internal drive to understand the areas where they appear to be precocious intellectually, so they show strong and excessive interest in them, high concentration ability, and what I call mastery. When they are engaged in the study of their own field, they are in a “Shenchi” state, that is, the best state. In this state, they are highly focused and will completely lose their sense of the external world. The best combination of interest in a certain field and the ability to quickly understand the field will help to achieve high achievements.
    In the above three aspects, gifted children are qualitatively different from ordinary children who study hard. Gifted children are smart and have strong thinking ability and the ability to master knowledge. Obviously, gifted children do not appear casually. Among a large number of children, gifted children are only a few. Their intelligence is revealed in their learning ability and thinking ability, and they can understand and accept profound knowledge better than other children of the same age.

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