Most people who are called geniuses recognize the influence of growth environment and people. Without an appropriate environment, they can’t become geniuses.
Gifted children look smarter than others because of their insight into things, their observation of everything around them and their strong logical ability. As Mr. Lu Xun said, such intelligence grew up in a specific environment.
If a child is left in the mountains and forests, he may only grow into an “Orc” like a beast, and may even lose his language and logic skills; If the child is placed in a suitable environment and let the child see and understand the surrounding things in time, the child is likely to grow into a person who can surpass others. Since childhood, the child who can understand all things has surpassed most people.
If you want to create such an environment, you have to look at the people around your child and the things your child has experienced. The most suitable person to create a good environment for your child is parents.
Parents are the people who raise their children. In their childhood, family life is almost the whole of their children. Children live in the family environment. Influenced by the family environment, almost everything they see and hear is because of their family. Therefore, in the final analysis, whether children can become smarter people and really become what people call genius is largely related to the education and Related to the family environment.
Children’s own congenital factors are a small part, but children with this small part of congenital factors do not necessarily become “talents” better than others in the future. On the contrary, most people with such congenital factors fall halfway because of various reasons, some because of family environment, some because of external environment, and some because of their own experience
Those who have become the genius in people’s mouth not only have a small part of congenital factors, but also are lucky to develop a smaller part of their own congenital factors.
For parents, whether a child can become a genius is not entirely determined by parents, but whether a child can become a talent can be greatly affected. The cultivation of genius depends on discovery, guidance, being a thousand mile horse and having the indispensable bole.
In fact, childhood does not determine whether a person is a genius. 80% of the so-called gifted children are because they have received good teaching, received good resources and learned more things that others do not understand. Therefore, they seem to be smarter and better than other children.
Children’s vision and ability are still uncertain. Whether they will be the genius who will change the world in the future. Most of the cultivation of gifted children is due to the good guidance that others can’t get in the process of growing up.
So for parents, how to make their children better and stand out from the crowd?
First of all, parents should be aware of their abilities
Secondly, increase the possibility of children seeing different things
Finally, not everyone has the genes of genius, but children grow up well enough and still look like geniuses
Children’s growth is largely determined by the people they experience and the things they see. The so-called gifted children only see a little more than others, understand the relationship between things better than others, and have a better insight into the world. Not everyone can become a genius, but most children have the conditions to become talents. Whether they become talents depends on what children accept.

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