“Children are very smart. Why do they get bad grades?” many parents have this question. In fact, IQ is not necessarily related to academic performance. In addition to IQ, it is also an important factor that determines academic performance – learning attitude.
Because most children’s IQ is at the average level, the difference is reflected in their learning attitude. Some children learn under pressure under the urging of their parents, but their learning efficiency is very low and the learning effect is very poor. Their learning attitude is incorrect. They just passively respond to work, cheat their parents and teachers, lack subjective initiative, passively respond and learn Academic performance does not improve naturally.
John C. Maxwell wrote a book called attitude. The first chapter of this book has the following formula
First class IQ + bad attitude = bad grades
First class IQ + bad attitude = average score
First class IQ + ordinary attitude = good grades
First class IQ + good attitude = excellent results
A good attitude can’t guarantee your success. A bad attitude is doomed to failure.
According to the research of Harvard University, whether a person can work depends on 85% of his attitude and 15% on his intellectual level and professional knowledge.
Therefore, what an important role attitude plays in people’s work process. People with the right attitude are more active in work and will actively solve difficulties. People with the wrong attitude will work negatively and will be dismissed when they encounter difficulties. This truth also applies to learning. So, how can a good learning attitude be cultivated?
Many parents believe that their children say so. If we were children, someone would always say such words to us, which would feel a sense of mistrust and judgment. Some children would scold, urge and refute their parents, and they would be criticized by their parents.
“You haven’t urged yet. What will I urge after I finish my homework?” I said.
“I have nothing to do with you. You can’t finish your homework. You’ll be late for school,” he said
“You’re always procrastinating and don’t work seriously. When I say you, why is it my fault? Kindly remind you,” he said
Finally, children do not become rebellious, but become negative. The famous experiment in psychology is Rosenthal experiment. American psychologists Rosenthal and Gibson conducted a “test for predicting future development” in each class from grade 1 to grade 6 of primary school , give the teacher a list and tell the children on the list about their future development prospects. Eight months later, the students on the list still made progress, and the teacher also gave them good character comments.
Rosenthal believes that this result is that teachers are “implied by authoritative lies”, their attitudes towards the students on the list have changed, resulting in their favorite psychology and feelings. Therefore, the famous “Pygmalion Effect” directly affects students’ psychology and behavior and promotes the expected results.
The reason why these ordinary students have made such great progress is not the teachers’ good expectations for children, but the teachers’ attitude towards children has changed. The different attitudes of teachers towards good students and bad students directly affect the development of children in all aspects.
When we treat our children, we should not always frown and communicate with them honestly. For example, children don’t have time to do their homework for the first time after school. First, ask their homework today and when they plan to do their homework. Sometimes they have their own plans. They don’t want to disturb their plans. They are forced to do their homework by their parents. They feel uncomfortable and feel uncomfortable Respected and manipulated by parents.
The change of your attitude towards children is the beginning of the essential leap of children.
2、 Taking learning as an interest, how to look at children’s learning attitude is incorrect? When learning, you look around. When doing your homework, you may fly around, dig your ass, shut up, nail nails on your ass and don’t move

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